Monday, January 24, 2011

New Release : HotBuys Cotton Bag

Before I say anything else:
Look at my new banner! I love it,so special thanks to Jay.Pattinson for that.
Anyway the latest HotBuys release is this bag :

This is a picture of it (to the right)
I personally love it!
I haven't bought it myself,yet.
I think it looks super cute!
This (to me) is a good example of what I keep sayin g in my posts,buy things that make up more than one outfit in your wardrobe! I think this bag goes will nearly everything.
I would like to know where Stardoll got the inspiration for this bag,probably a painting or picture in a kids book.Either way,I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I decided not to do the outfit thing for this post,since its a bag and it goes with nearly everything,I don't need to show you any examples
Also,what do you think of my writing skills? :P

Lisa xx :)

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