Sunday, January 30, 2011

HotBuy Releases : Faux Fur Hat , Stud Jacket

Alright,I know I am behind on posts so I decided make a triple post!
I know I promised a double on Friday but my friend was over and I didn'r want to spend aaaages on a laptop/computer so here it is:
Okay,i realise , I have not done more than these three HotBuys and I am sorry for that.
I promise,in February I will not miss a single one!That is a promise to you,readers ;)
First release I'll talk about the Faux Fur Hat from Evil Panda :

(Sorry for the small picture)
First thing I have to say:
Stardoll were a bit late with this hat!I know January is still chilly but I don't think much people would be walking around with this on their heads!
The hat does look very cosy though.
Paired with the right outfit,it can look fabulous!But I think if you pair it with something pink it wouldn't work out too well.The hat is cute,but I won't be buying it!
Okay,sorry about this,but I am not going to make outfits for this hat . . .
Only because its a hat!I tried to make some outfits but failed miserably.

Second Release :
The Stud Jacket!
For some reason,I can't put this on my MeDoll,and it is not even in the Fallen Angel store,or the 'new' section!
I feel like a bad writer right now,but like I said,next month will be better!I swear.
I think this jacket will/is 10 - 15SD .
Maybe I'm just dumb and can't see it but ah well!
This jacket (to me) looks like a top for a womans suit!
This jacket can be forced to look cute with a black skirt and some heels . But,I bet people like Bluegreen86 and poohg_1993 will make it wok some other way!
My opinion? I dont like this jacket...

Okay,I really want to say sorry,to anyone reading this and Nicole.
I promise to do my job right next month,I swear!
I really do,just give me another chance :)

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