Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Closet Clean-out?

I haven't made a post on any blog in so long!
Well ,  have two jobs on this blog.
I think I may quit one...One is the beauty/fashion writer, (which is shared position) and one is HotBuys updater , we all know I don't do too well on that though.
I'll do one for the next HotBuys piece that comes out.
Well , I know we all have clothes , in real life and on Stardoll and we forget about a lot of them.
In real life , you should clean out your wardrobe/closet every Summer and Winter.
This is what I do.
My Winter clothes are up in the attic for the Summer , but i go through them all before their put away.
I do the same when Winter rolls around again , same with Summer.

But of course on stardoll , we don't have seasons.
Some people have over 5 or 6 pages of clothes in their V.Wardrobe so heres how to..handle it?

Go to the VERY LAST PAGE in your V.Wardrobe , I know you'll see a bunch of clothes and go "I forgot I bought that!" .
This is very simple to do.
Have three piles.
The "No-ways" the "Keeps" and the "I Don't Know's" .
The No-ways you can easily sell in Starbazaar if your a Superstar.
Or , you can keep them in your storage if you dont like them that much , but you might in the future so if thats the case , then keep them locked up.
The I dont knows , you need to go through at the end.
Add the clothes to whatever pile they suit , so some may go away or some might stay.

After its all sorted , and you have all of your Keeps in your suite , put them back in your wardrobe.
Organize it right , or something like this:
Jeans , skirts , shorts , bottom rail.
Tops , jackets , cardigans , top rail.
Dresses , top rail , after all tops.
Its also a good idea to color code things.
In real life and on Stardoll , it makes dressing you and your medoll easier.


Lisa xx

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes, Elite Watch is now a newspaper!

Bringing weekly fashion, elite gossip, breaking stardoll news, editorials, and more, this innovative project will be the next big thing on stardoll.

Take a look!

Saturday, March 26, 2011



Hey guys! Long time no blog! Anyway, as most of you probably know by now, Stardoll Fashion Week is going on and I am going to give you my reviews of them after we look at the most recent collections!

Here is Pauline Armstrong:

I personally am in love with this collection! I am obsessed with the dark, vampirey kinda thing! I really love the mist too! It is professional and I would actually wear some of these! The hair complements the outfits and the makeup adds to the entire look even more. Do you like this collection?

Now, here is the next collection- WOE:

I like this collection but not as much as the last one. I particularly loved the intricate makeup/ eyeliner! The outfits were decent although some pieces didn't stand out to me much at all. Others were bright and original like the one above ^^ I really liked all the shoes as well! They were very similar to each other but I loved the different shades- red, periwinkle, nude, dull pink, tan, and black!

What do you think of the collections? 

Which is your favorite?


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HotBuys Release : Rio Vest

Long time , no see right!?
London was amazing , but I'm back with a HB Poooost!
Its been awhile , and I know I said February was going to be the month I tried hard and I failed miserably , I was busy but not busy enough that I should forget about this so I'm sorry!
Before I talk about the vest , what do you think of the bag that came out a few days ago!?
Its amazing the real life version is by Paul's Boutique  and there were a few bags in London that looked like it , but not exactly so either it was coincdental or they were knock-offs.
So , here is the newest HoyBuys:
I really like this vest..
If I was going to describe it  , I would say "Brown , fringey wasitcoat" not a vest..
Usually the fact that its brown is nearly bad because it doesn't match a lot of stuff , but this is perfect for dresses!
Not so much skirts though.
I will do my best with the outfits I make..
I wish I was SS so I could buy the newest HB's the PB bag and this vest/waistcoat are STUNNING!

Top - Rio - HotBuys Vest - 12SD  - SS
Dress - Principals - Emilie Dress - 10SD - SS
Shoes - Stardoll - Basic Nude Pumps - 4SD - Non - SS
This is another outfit that not everyone like , some people won't like it all.
I think the pink and brown go together perfectly!
I used those shoes because they looked the best with the outfit.
This look  . . . . I'm not too sure..Perhaps it could be casual?
Its pretty casual to me , I wasn't thinking of what category it would fall into while I was making it! :P

Vest - Rio - HotBuys Vest - 12SD - SS
Top - Pretty And Pink - Love Tank - 8SD - SS
Bottoms - BASICS - White Denim Shorts - 4SD - Non-SS
Shoes - BASICS - Beige Ballet Flats - 2SD - Non-SS

This outfit is perfect for summer , pair it with white skinny jeans and make it more suitable for spring.
The simple white top and bottom make the shoes and vest stand out a bit more than an all-brown outfit.
I love the fringey bits.
This would even better in real life with brown suede ankle boots (with fringes of course!)

Vest - Rio - HotBuys Vest - 12SD - SS
Dress - BASICS - Turquoise Tube Dress - 5SD  - Non-SS
Shoes - Pretty And Pink - Sandal With Rose - 4SD - Non-SS

I decided in this outfit to let the vest take a back seat.
The dress stands out , but the vest completely makes the outfit!
Just imagine this outfit without the vest , it wouldn't look half as good.

Lisa xx :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

London! :O

Long time no see , right?
I'm just making this post to tell yous three things.
First of all , like my new banner?
I will use this for all posts now.
But  , I now share a position with another girl!
I asked Nicole about it , and she said I can also be the fashion/beauty updater!
And if your the girl who I share it with , (if your reading) I'd love for us to be friends so we could talk about cool new posts and such :)
Second thing:
I know I haven't been keeping up with my HB update posts , and for that I am especially sorry!
I know I've been putting it off , time and time again and Im really sorry.
The last thing , I am most excited about!
This is really exciting for me , because  I have never been in England , Wales twice but never England!
One thing I am most excited about is that its London Fashion Week!
 I will be there during Fashion Week!
I just think thats cool..

I'll be back soon , don't miss me too much!
(Like you'd miss me at all! :P )

Lisa xx :)

Friday, February 18, 2011


Thank you all so much for getting us to 100 followers!

In return, I will share you the history of Forever Chic.
It was founded by me, Tapstar321, last spring as my first very own blog.
I wanted a stardoll updates blog, and I would update very often on the newest things.

Later, though, I started to get more interested in fashion blogging, modeling, graphic designing, gossip blogging, and the list goes on.

This blog was coming to an end.

But I wanted it to keep going for all of the followers to still enjoy! It was my first project and I didn't want to end it...

Which led me to having an application open for new writers. I got some great applications, found some amazing writers, and this blog got going again.

So, I would just like to say that I want to thank the writers so much! This blog would be nothing without you. You guys really are the ones that keep this going, and for that, I owe a big thank you.

I would also like to thank the fabulous 100 shiny followers!

The Founder

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paradox by Hrly is out!

Paradox by Hrly is out! Here are a few pieces from the collection!

These were a few of my favorites. She included a trend in here, which is the overcoat/ rain coat look which I cannot get enough of! I really love the green sweater dress as well!

Overall, it was pretty good! The clothes were generally professional looking except for one or two pieces. The hands were a little weird though... The poses were much of the same. 

Score- 8/10!

Good job, and keep up the hard work Hrly!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Starplaza Changes

Hey! So today, I logged in and found these changes at the starplaza:

Wow! I actually like these changes! What do you think of them??


Saturday, February 5, 2011

HotBuys Release : Dot Jacket

I know I am late and again I apologise for that.
But I am here now writing this post!
I also realise a HotBuys belt has been released, but for things like belts , bags and hats I will not do a post/review on :)
The item is to my right . . .
The jacket can be bought in Evil Panda for 15SD.
I think this is waaaay over priced!I've seen some stupid prices , but this one hasn't topped them all but near it...
The jacket gives a 50's feel (just my opinion :)  ) and will go great with blacks,pinks and white!
If you are pairing this with an outfit,try and have plain pants and top.Don't go too mad with shoes or accessories.You will over power the jacket!Just let it to the talking!
(Sorry about the gap , I think it has something to do with the picture :(    )
Due to the above sentence,I can't do my outfit piece!
I know it sounds like I am making excuses but I swear I'm not.
I was ready to do it , I have the casual outfit DONE.
I think its a glitch or something...
I am truly sorry , Nicole and anyone who is reading this...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Red Lips Valentine's Day Edition Released

Hey girls! Like the new banner? I made it:) Yup & I'm some for friends too so if you want one, check out thestardolloutlook.blogspot.com

The pose looks really hard but I love it! It's simple yet artistic! What do you think of it?


Monday, January 31, 2011

*Updates on Disneydoll*

Yes, you can breath now! Disneydoll is nothing more than a rumor even though it had enough proof... Anyway, read it for yourself:

-photo from SDH-

I am so happy! I was planning on leaving stardoll when Disney bought it, but it looks like I won't be!