Wednesday, November 24, 2010

December Hot Buys!

Good morning Forever Chic! Sorry I haven't had the chance to do this up until now, but allow me to introduce myself. My name is Aislin(Aislin Victory) and I'm the very first Hot Buys release writer and Starplaza new release writer. I look forward to my time here at Forever Chic.

Included in my tiny intro is December 2010 Hot Buys. Which you can see below are gorgeous!

Each month I'll write a review as the spoiler is released on the Stardoll Blog. As each piece comes out I'll find a person whom I believe wore the Hot Buy well and someone who I don't believe wore it well. I'll share my reasoning with you all of course. Until we have our first "Hot" and "Not" lets check out these December Hot Buys!

Hot Buys Belted Top:
When: December 2nd
Where: Bisou

This cute top is the first to make it on the rack...or in the shop rather. I love how simple and classic the piece is without the belt, and I've grown to love it even more with the edgy belt attached.

Ruffle Sleeve Hot Buys Jacket:
When: December 6th
Where: Pretty in Pink

At first glance this jacket is somewhat confusing. For I did not see the oh so ruffly sleeves. And without those sleeves it looked like a simple waitress shirt. But now that I'm seeing the full picture this is a very chic jacket. My only complaint is, what on Earth would I wear it with?

Hot Buys Necklace:
When: December 8th
Where: Splendid

If you're confused about the location of this gold necklace, check the necks of the girl with pink tips and the girl to the very right. They're proudly wearing this oh so adorable little necklace. As you can see, it can be paired with almost anything. I'm excited to see what everyone does with it!

Hot Buys Lace Dress:
When: December 10th
Where: Voile

It's only fitting that this dress be featured in Voile. They're known for their gowns. Though I find this gown in particular very lovely, I have a complaint. The top. Sure it's black and white now, but some time ago it was pink, black and white. And even though it isn't anymore, all I see when I look at the top half of this dress is PINK! I'm hoping that I'll soon get over that, though. Because the dress is beautiful.

Purple Hot Buys Party Dress:
When: December 11th
Where: Fudge

Before I confess my love for this dress I must say, Hot Buys should give better descriptions of their clothes to avoid confusion. This dress in particular is the purple dress to the right. It honestly reminds me of a cheaper piece of LE. And I like that! For I have never, nor will I ever buy Limited Edition. I J'ador this dress and am excited to purchase it!

Hot Buys Boots:
When: December 13th
Where: Rio

Never in my life have I been a fan of cowboy boots. They are an acquired taste. And it's a taste I've never acquired. However, these cute boots are well, just that. They're cute. I'd love to try them out. Not my favorite piece in the collection but I'll probably end up purchasing them.

Pink Hot Buys Coat
When: December 16th
Where: Pretty in Pink

Welcome to my favorite piece in this month's collection. I know what you're thinking. "Why didn't you choose the gown in the center?" Well, while it's stunning, this coat is amazing. It says classic, it says bold, it says vintage and soon, the tag will say I own it. This coat is amazing, enough said.

Hot Buys Purse:
When: December 21st
Where: Rio

If I ever wanted to tote around a Christmas ornament, I would buy this purse. The only thing saving this purse from being banned from my collection is the tassels. I believe they make the purse and without them it looks like something I would hang on my tree. Nevertheless, I'll buy it and wear it proudly.

Flower Petal Hot Buys Gown:
When: December 23rd
Where: Voile

I was torn with this gown at first. The black, the white, the flower petals? Has it been done before? Well if it has, it hasn't been done this way! I see this dress being way over 16sd but I'll shell it out just for the occasion. Releasing two days before Christmas, I think I deserve a treat. From the top to the bottom, this dress is never boring. Yet it will take the most style savvy to wear it right.

Gold Hot Buys Dress:
When: December 25th
Where: Rio

Something else that reminds me of reasonable priced Limited Edition. This dress is gorgeous. There is not one thing I dislike about it. From the shape, to the length, to the beautiful coloring. Probably my favorite dress from this month's collection.

I'd love to hear your opinion on this month's collection. Leave me a comment below to tell me what you think of December 2010 Hot Buys!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Alannah-Mg's Wicked Lips ;)

Using starplaza items, she has somehow succeeded in doing these graphic looking, ultra-gorgeous (from a distance ;] ) lips. This is how she made them, from moles selling in starplaza. Must have been a lot of work, for sure.

Do you like this, or does it strike you a little bit odd?

New Magazine around...Joli Magazine?

Although the spoiler doesn't have a model, the graphics are cute and kinda cozy. Maybe this is more of a lifestyle magazine? Anyway, it sounds very cute. Joli Magazine is owned by Zephora101.

Stardoll Gets Some New Games

Yup, stardoll seems to have found some new games, perhaps for those stardoll members under 13 that aren't allowed to interact with other members, to give them something to do on the website. I don't think any of them are even the slightest big entertaining.

Do you like these games? Did you try them? Some members are reporting that the games don't work.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mary (Lacestockings) Leaving Stardoll + Mary (WriteMaryCat) Returning to Stardoll

 A rising in fame stardoll member, also a great friend of mine, Mary (lacestockings) is leaving stardoll after 5 months of rising success. She will be missed. This is her goodbye message:
Beautiful. Despite never being superstar, she pulled off a gorgeous medoll with a beautiful wardrobe. She became iconic, even becoming covergirl of Lipstick Magazine and getting interviewed with Stardoll's Juciiest, among many other things. She will be greatly missed.
Mary, you have been amazing through the time that I have gotten to know you. I wish that someday you will come back to stardoll and reunite with all of your greatest friends. Know that many opportunities await you and friends will welcome you back.

But for right now, wherever you go and whatever you do in the world, we hope that you will be successful and that you will have a great life.

Your Friends From Stardoll

***On other terms, the other famous Mary of stardoll, writemarycat, is returning to stardoll, along with a possibility of Eternity Magazine with her. Who knows all the new things that will happen with her arrival?

Aisy Gets a Job at TTT + COC Twice a Week Now

One of my best friends on stardoll, AislinVictory, was hired to be a writer for TTT! Congratulations, Aisy! But she definitely deserves it. She's a great writer, as seen by her work with Legend-Productions. Speaking of which, COC is now going to be aired twice a week!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Auditions Being Held for 'Living in Sin'

To_Royal is hosting auditions for a promising looking show she is going to make. Will you audition? I don't have time and am already cast in another stardoll film, but if you like acting and are looking for opportunities be sure to audition!

Influental Magazine Spoiler!

Exciting! This magazine is beautiful looking! I can't wait. I like how the cover post is given away but nothing else. Gorgeous, and I can't wait for the release of the magazine!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Media Partners with Influental Magazine

Don't you agree that Influential Stardoll seems like a promising magazine? Well, so does Forever Chic, because we have become media partners! Beautybabe2, the lovely owner of the magazine, has made me one of the writers and I have contributed two articles to the Winter Edition. I can't wait for the graphics on those articles especially ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Other World is Out!

Looks like stardoll is combining a lot of interior themes with clothing themes, because this one also has an interior. Same with that other one; Palazzo, except for this one is a down to earth theme and that one is luxurious glamour. I like it but I think that it is too busy and there is too much going on, you know? The clothes are a little bit too much. If you wear them, try them with subtle pieces like the Other World Shirt with jeans and black heels or something like that.

So, what do you think of this line? Tell us in comments!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SS only lips coming soon? And amazing new hair!?!

According to an ad found on stardoll, new lips *and* hair will soon be available on stardoll. Gorgeous, really! It lets members show more of their personalities through the styles of hair and lips. Can't wait for these! Can you?

Want to be a stardoll movie star? Here's your chance!

Legend-productions, a stardoll production company that is becoming more and more well known, is hosting auditions for an upcoming movie called Defenders. Will you make the cut? Try out; you never know! Even if you get a small part, it will still be a blast. Here is the audition form:


Coming soon to Legend Productions is our first ever movie, Defenders, Fight for the Enchanted. A fantasy based movie with lots of action, love mystery, controversy and unexpected twists.

Soon we will be hold auditions for characters. As of now we have fourteen characters to be auditioned for. Check back soon for the form to fill out to audition and a list of characters and their details.

Exciting, right? I am definitely auditioning for it! Are you?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Take a look at the Fierce Photoshoot!

The fashion photoshoot of Fierce Magazine is stunning. There are only a few pages out, but I recommend you to take a look because Hunnigall once again did her graphic magic. She is, after all, the goddess of graphic designing, agreed?

For more of the graphics go to:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perfection Magazine's Beautiful Spoiler!

'My friend mini_casie has released a spoiler to what looks like a very promising magazine called 'Perfection' '

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Creamy Chocolatey Couture

This time my friend Aisy (aislinvictory) has done it again. She always has fresh ideas that get her places in terms of for her projects, and this one definitely didn't disappoint! Her chocolates collection is gorgeous, I got a pair of jeans in one of the patterns. Plus, her collection sells for about half the price of the average stardoll collection, so get it before she makes it more expensive. Go buy a few now!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fierce is Back

This cover is so good that it is rediculous. And it's rejected and an even better one will be the cover? Look at the detail, especially the blush, the lips, and the hair, those are definitely my favorites! If this isn't the final cover, I can hardly imagine what will be.

Fierce Magazine is my favorite, above any magazines.

So good news. It's back. And apparently, stronger than ever! Hunnigall and MySecketLover are really going to make an entrance with this one. Finally, after so long, they are back!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do you feel strongly about the problem of scamming and hacking?

This picture is taken from the presentation of the very inspirational and good friend of mine, Mandy. If you believe in this cause, petition now.

Poohg_1993 is doing a very good thing because so many people on stardoll are getting hacked because the system isn't secure enough. We pay money for this, and then we don't get what we are promised out of it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Shoe Collection: The Edge

I am coming out with a new collection. It's called EDGE, and it's a shoe collection. I am still working on the shoes, and it will be out sometime early December or late November.

Any comments on it? Any critique on the logo shoe of the collection?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Review: Cora's Chronicles

Whoa. All I can say after reading it is whoa!
Get yourself over to right now because otherwise you are hugely missing out. I am telling you.


My Review:
It's mysterious, it's lingering on that spicy feeling of romance, and it makes me want to read more! A great Romance. I love how Aislin Victory incorporates her love of cooking in it, too. Amazing. All I can say is wow.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Production:

Seems as if AislinVictory has done it again. A new production that seems very interesting! I will definitely watch the premiere. Will you?

Go to

New Fashion Collection Coming: Nicole|Doherty + Vanity Models Cycle 3!

Yes, there is a new fashion collection coming. Me (tapstar321) and fashionngirl. are teaming up to make a fashion collection, and the first season is all about sophistication. Go to and follow it! Also, before it is too late, apply to be a model or a promoter. Sponsors also appreciated!

Also, Vanity Models is having a Cycle 3 application process right now. Go sign up before it is too late! You never know ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween '10 Parties

In addition to Cyanide Magazine's release party which I unfortunately could not make it to and VivaaLaJuicy who is a good friend of mine's party that was too early so I also couldn't make it, I was able to make it to two in-stardoll parties, which I enjoyed a lot and got to know a few elites that I haven't gotten the chance to know that well before.

First was Vicki95 with an amazing party! The costumes were absolutely amazing and so over the top! Attendants were n1mka4eva, coolkid11, tapstar321 (me), twins18, SmoothieLove, Vicki95, --rihanna----, and Filipinhamaria. I really enjoyed this Halloween Bash, but the only people I knew from it previously were Molly (smoothielove), Janin (twins18), and Vicki (Vicki95), so I definitely made some new friends there!

Next was juciimami827 with another successful Halloween Celebration! The costumes were a little less grand and more casual, but the party was definitely just as fun! Attendants were my very close friend Tania (cherrycutegirl), my good friend Mandy (poohg_1993), my friend Keyera (princesskeyera), a new friend Effay (Brit-On-Me), and my friend Lily (matcurana) so this party got me a new friend but the rest I already knew.