Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Starplaza: Super Supreme

Perhaps the worst thing stardoll has done? I think we can all agree that expensive 'collectible' teddy bears and person figurines are not that great. I didn't get anything at all!

What do you think? Post your opinion here now!

Suite: New Exclusive Interior

After spending a whopping 800 stardollars (200 per week), the members of stardoll that love to spend their money away definitely spent it wisely, because the grand prize was a closet interior that can't be bought anywhere! Here it is:

Use this closet to showcase your favorite collectors items from LE, DKNY, and E&J!

Til Next Time,
Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Medoll: New Makeup Line

There is a new makeup that shines and glitters on your medoll! Although its pricey, it really is an amazing line. Stardoll has really taken its stores and entertainment up a notch this summer, and this store is good proof of that.

The gloss is not just a color, but a textured, glossy goodness:
There are so many options for the lipstick, ranging from a beauty daredevil silver to a more classy shade of glittery pink. The eyeshadow has so many color options as well, all matching the lipstick colors for easy coordination.
I'm already sporting this cool new makeup. It literally glitters on the medoll with real animation!
Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Medoll: New Superstar Hair!

Yes, there are new styles available in superstar-only hair options!

Here are the new options. If your superstar, make sure to stop by the medoll editor and try on a few and see which ones you like:

Personally, I think a few of the hair options are kinda wacky and a little to ridiculous, but a few of them are gorgeous! In page one, all of the right side styles are adorable. On page two, the first three are cute too.
Here are medolls sporting the new look:




So, what did you think of this hair? Is your medoll sporting it?
Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]

Monday, June 14, 2010

Suite: 'My Pals'

Yes, thats right! $70 per doll, and you can get these gorgeous play dolls as background people for your suite! Perfect for party rooms and such. Expensive, but thats how stardoll gets so much money. I already got three, low on money now, and what will I do? Why, get a stardoll gift card, of course! Haha anyway, do you like this idea?

My suite w/ the 'Pals'

Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Suite: Show Off Your Country

Show some spirit for your country with these 'Small World' flags! For only $2, meaning they are for non-superstar members as well and affordable too, you can have one of these in your suite showing off where your from and that your proud of it!

Just a few of the many flags available:

How to find these:
First, move your mouse over to the shop icon and when your mouse is hovering over it, the icon of a dress and a chair will show up. Click on the chair.
Then, select the 'Small World' and you'll find three pages worth of beautiful flags, hopefully with that of your country!
For more tutorials like the one just above, follow and see my new tutorial stardoll blog.
Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]

Monday, June 7, 2010

Starplaza: LE Summer 2010

As I'm sure all those stardollians out there already know, the new Limited Edition line is finally out! Excited?

I think it's the second best collection yet!

The cover of my stardoll magazine, Forever Chic, features two Limited Edition items!

Get this look:
Limited Edition; Pout Printed Dress, $100
Splash; Cris Cross Halter Top, $10
Limited Edition; Fabric Clog Platforms, $65

So, how much Limited Edition did you get this time, and what were your favorite and least favorite items?

Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stardoll: Then and Now

This was stardoll befor starplaza, suites, and even medolls!
It looks so different now, doesn't it?
I just thought you'd all enjoy to see how far its come.
Get a load of how many members 15229! now were at 60000000!

Suite: Get a Penthouse

Stardoll promised amazing new things on the site during the summer, but I didn't know they would get as far as making a penthouse available! This is a two room suite upgrade available for $149, with an indoor and outdoor room. It truly is amazing!

Here is a sneak peak at the real penthouse:

Although the idea of getting a penthouse is tempting, remember, only get it if you have the stardollars. It costs around $149, but its a great addition to any suite!

When the next week of the 'Gift-O-Meter' comes around, I am definitely buying this.

So, what do you think? Has stardoll created something fun and new once again?