Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Closet Clean-out?

I haven't made a post on any blog in so long!
Well ,  have two jobs on this blog.
I think I may quit one...One is the beauty/fashion writer, (which is shared position) and one is HotBuys updater , we all know I don't do too well on that though.
I'll do one for the next HotBuys piece that comes out.
Well , I know we all have clothes , in real life and on Stardoll and we forget about a lot of them.
In real life , you should clean out your wardrobe/closet every Summer and Winter.
This is what I do.
My Winter clothes are up in the attic for the Summer , but i go through them all before their put away.
I do the same when Winter rolls around again , same with Summer.

But of course on stardoll , we don't have seasons.
Some people have over 5 or 6 pages of clothes in their V.Wardrobe so heres how to..handle it?

Go to the VERY LAST PAGE in your V.Wardrobe , I know you'll see a bunch of clothes and go "I forgot I bought that!" .
This is very simple to do.
Have three piles.
The "No-ways" the "Keeps" and the "I Don't Know's" .
The No-ways you can easily sell in Starbazaar if your a Superstar.
Or , you can keep them in your storage if you dont like them that much , but you might in the future so if thats the case , then keep them locked up.
The I dont knows , you need to go through at the end.
Add the clothes to whatever pile they suit , so some may go away or some might stay.

After its all sorted , and you have all of your Keeps in your suite , put them back in your wardrobe.
Organize it right , or something like this:
Jeans , skirts , shorts , bottom rail.
Tops , jackets , cardigans , top rail.
Dresses , top rail , after all tops.
Its also a good idea to color code things.
In real life and on Stardoll , it makes dressing you and your medoll easier.


Lisa xx

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes, Elite Watch is now a newspaper!

Bringing weekly fashion, elite gossip, breaking stardoll news, editorials, and more, this innovative project will be the next big thing on stardoll.

Take a look!