Monday, January 31, 2011

*Updates on Disneydoll*

Yes, you can breath now! Disneydoll is nothing more than a rumor even though it had enough proof... Anyway, read it for yourself:

-photo from SDH-

I am so happy! I was planning on leaving stardoll when Disney bought it, but it looks like I won't be!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

HotBuy Releases : Faux Fur Hat , Stud Jacket

Alright,I know I am behind on posts so I decided make a triple post!
I know I promised a double on Friday but my friend was over and I didn'r want to spend aaaages on a laptop/computer so here it is:
Okay,i realise , I have not done more than these three HotBuys and I am sorry for that.
I promise,in February I will not miss a single one!That is a promise to you,readers ;)
First release I'll talk about the Faux Fur Hat from Evil Panda :

(Sorry for the small picture)
First thing I have to say:
Stardoll were a bit late with this hat!I know January is still chilly but I don't think much people would be walking around with this on their heads!
The hat does look very cosy though.
Paired with the right outfit,it can look fabulous!But I think if you pair it with something pink it wouldn't work out too well.The hat is cute,but I won't be buying it!
Okay,sorry about this,but I am not going to make outfits for this hat . . .
Only because its a hat!I tried to make some outfits but failed miserably.

Second Release :
The Stud Jacket!
For some reason,I can't put this on my MeDoll,and it is not even in the Fallen Angel store,or the 'new' section!
I feel like a bad writer right now,but like I said,next month will be better!I swear.
I think this jacket will/is 10 - 15SD .
Maybe I'm just dumb and can't see it but ah well!
This jacket (to me) looks like a top for a womans suit!
This jacket can be forced to look cute with a black skirt and some heels . But,I bet people like Bluegreen86 and poohg_1993 will make it wok some other way!
My opinion? I dont like this jacket...

Okay,I really want to say sorry,to anyone reading this and Nicole.
I promise to do my job right next month,I swear!
I really do,just give me another chance :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

NO, NO, NO, & NO!

Please, DON'T sell stardoll! As much as I love disney, I think this would screw up stardoll. Disney will turn it into little princess games for toddlers! Put this on your blog if you agree:


Thursday, January 27, 2011

I can explain..

Alright,well I know I'm behind on posts,but its just because I've been dealing with my line.
I promise you a DOUBLE post tomorrow,really!

Lisa xx :)
Hey, girls! My good friend & I have started our very own fashion line! Yes, exciting right?! Well, we need your help! Please follow & apply at! Thanks!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey guys! So there were so many changes today on stardoll! Check them out:

Uh, really stardoll? We are making lips now, only for ss? Ha.

Next, Rio changed its symbol to this ^^^

^^That is the new shop called "PopShop" that just opened today. It's cute and not very expensive, but it's not really furniture I would put in my suite...

Yes, there is a tangled shop that you can buy from by clicking HERE!
The pink dress is FREE so you can buy it just by clicking the link above


Monday, January 24, 2011

New Release : HotBuys Cotton Bag

Before I say anything else:
Look at my new banner! I love it,so special thanks to Jay.Pattinson for that.
Anyway the latest HotBuys release is this bag :

This is a picture of it (to the right)
I personally love it!
I haven't bought it myself,yet.
I think it looks super cute!
This (to me) is a good example of what I keep sayin g in my posts,buy things that make up more than one outfit in your wardrobe! I think this bag goes will nearly everything.
I would like to know where Stardoll got the inspiration for this bag,probably a painting or picture in a kids book.Either way,I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I decided not to do the outfit thing for this post,since its a bag and it goes with nearly everything,I don't need to show you any examples
Also,what do you think of my writing skills? :P

Lisa xx :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

HotBuys : Stardoll Rocks Top

Its me again,with another HotBuys article!
I would like to say,thank you to Nicole for giving me this job :)

This is the newest HotBuys release.
This top is actually really nice.
But,its also very versatile,which is alway good to have in your wardrobe.
I would usually think anything that says 'Stardoll Rocks' on Stardoll,I would hate,but the actual top shape is really nice,so it looks good.
And,its not too noticeable aswell.
Those few stripes of color can make a difference to it,just imagine this saying 'Stardoll Rocks' but with no stripes.
So in clothes this small element can make a big change!

Outfit one:

This outfit,I was going for a casual look.
(that will be my usual,casual,family-dinner outfit and night-out)
The reason why these outfits will feature a lot of black,is because its the perfect color to match this top,also in real-life,I imagine this to be really comfy but stylish!
Top - Fudge - HotBuys Stardoll Rocks - SS - 12SD
Bottoms - Bisou - Black stretch jeans - Non-SS - 5SD
Shoes - Evil Panda - Steel Cap Leather boots - SS - 5SD
Jacket - MISS SIXTY - Black Jeepney Jckt - SS - 22SD

Outfit Two :

This outfit,would be ideal for a night-out scenario.
This is another one of those outfits that people think 'ew' but sadly (again) it was the best I could do.
The top barely matches the black,but I think it looks okay.
Top - Fudge - HotBuys Stardoll Rocks - SS - 12SD
Trousers  - Bisou - DIY Slashed Jeans - SS - 8SD
Shoes - PPQ Of Mayfair - Tied Platforms - SS - 22SD
Bag - Unknown Shop- Fiorellie Aisha Clutch - Non-SS - 6SD
(for the bag just search 'Bags' and its on the tenth page)

Outfit Three

This was my attempty at the 'Family Dinner' look.
This could also count as a casual look,depending on your style.
Everything here,I have mentioned before,remember its good to buy things that complete a few outfits rather than just one
I simply adore those black heels from Voile!
Top - Fudge - HotBuys Stardoll Rocks - SS - 15SD
Bottoms - Bisou - Black Strech Jeans - Non-SS  - 5SD
Shoes - Voile -  Sequined Pumps - Non-SS - 5SD
Bag - Decades - Inspired By Chanel handbag - SS- 6SD

I hope you liked this post.
Tell my in comments if you decided to buy one of the outfits above and you may be featured in the next post!

Lisa xx :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taking a break!

Hey guys....
Yes, I am taking a break from Stardoll! I saw Sofie post a similar post on SDH! That is what inspired me! I do get all A's but I always feel the need to come on stardoll while doing homework or in school, so I try to do both at the same time and do a sloppy job on the schoolwork.  Other times I will skip the homework all together and go on stardoll... That's not good! It's taking over my life too and my homework is much more important. I am taking a four day break. I'll be back before you know it! Thanks.


Major Changes at the Beauty Parlor!

Hey gals! So I was in the beauty parlor and take a look at the changes I found:

The changes make for a much prettier doll! They are so life like and I personally like them alot! What do you think of them?


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HotBuys : Bow Sweater

I am here,with a new HotBuys release!
Yes,I know I am quite . .okay VERY late with this,so I apologize.
To the right it a picture of this jumper.
I'm going to be honest,I won;t be buying it,I prefer clothes that somehow look . . .tight (?) on my MeDoll,but maybe after viewing the future outfits,I'll change my mind!
I am a HotBuys collector,but also not really.I only buy the pieces that I like,like most people.
The gold and black are a lovely contrast,and would go best with white and a dark pink?
But if you wanted dark pink,I would suggest a hairpiece or a clutch.

Top - Bisou - HotBuys Bow Sweater - SS 15SD
Trousers - Bisou - Non-SS - 5SD
Shoes - MoxieTeens - Black ankle booties - SS 8SD
Bag - Decades - Inspired By Chanel handbag - SS 6SD
I know some people will look at this and straight away think , 'Ew' and I completely understand!I was trying to create a casual look.But,nearly all of these outfits will have heeled boots or high-heels :)

Top - Bisou - HotBuys Bow Sweater - SS 15SD
Trousers - Bisou - DIY Slashed Jeans - SS 8SD
Shoes - PPQ Of Mayfair - SS 24SD
Bag - Rio - HotBuys Purse - SS 9SD
Jacket - PPQ Of Mayfair - Zegina Jacket - SS 30SD
I really like this outfit actually!
I was trying to create a look that someone might wear on a night-out.
Those PPQ shoes,have to be one of my favourites.That jacket is deadly aswell,since its black it goes with everything and I love the way it looks like wind is blowing on it!
I have to give myself a 10/10 for this one!

Top - Bisou - HotBuys Bow Sweater  - SS 15SD
Coat - OTTO - Blue Trench - SS 12SD
Shoes - Voile - Sequined pumps - Non-SS 5SD
Bag - Rio - HotBuys Purse - SS 9SD
Stockings - Bisou - Thigh-High Stockings - Non - SS 5SD
This is another outfit that you will hate,I know.
I dont have really anything to say about this outfit,unfortunately,its the best I could do.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Lisa xx :)

Free Avril Lavine Dress

Hi, gorgeous! Here is the free dress:

1. Go to

2. Type into the proxy URL bar

3. Hit go and log in.

4. Change the proxy URL to

5. Wait for the page to load before heading back to stardoll:D


Monday, January 17, 2011


First of all,I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Lisa,IrishLily09 on Stardoll.
I am from Ireland and I love dancing and irish dancing,fashion and fashion designing.
I am the HotBuys Updater , I would like to say to Nicole.
I will do something on the next HotBuys item that comes out.
I have a blog , SFC.
We are trying to get to 50 followers by the first of February,and we are hoping to do something HUGE.
Please follow it :) xx
Um,I know I am sort of 'unknown' on Stardoll,but I have been trying to get into more blogs and model in magazines.
Anyway,I'll see yous again soon!
Lisa xx :)

New Writer

Hey readers! I am a new writer and my name is Zoey but my stardoll name is crystality! Feel free to add me on stardoll because I love new friends:) Anyway, I will be writer about spoilers/ free items! I can't wait to get started with posting and I hope you all comment and enjoy!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New & Improved Hair!!

Some of the hairstyles have been taken and seriously re-done. The basic style is still the same, but the graphics are much improved, especially for a few that are extremely different. They are most attractive, couture shapes. I guess stardoll realized that their hair isn't up to graphic standards. Anyway, finally non-superstars get their own upgrade in hair. Loving it!
Love it, very different from it's original.

Way better than the older version, by far.

 This is a lot better now! Very pretty, not tacky anymore.

This one looks a lot better now :)

This one had a massive difference.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking for a writer!

Here are the positions I am looking for: 

Hot Buys Updater: Includes giving reviews on each hot buys item monthly and updating whenever a new one is released.

Doll Release Updater: Whenever a superstar doll is released, post about her as well as a real life picture of them if it is a doll based on a real person, as well as some facts about that person.

Spoilers/Freebies Updater: You must have access to seeing spoilers for clothing brands and new stores. You must also post about freebies. If you would like to cover just one of these topics, let me know.

Fashion/Beauty Updater: Stardoll trends. Everyone wearing the gap tooth? Post about it and feature the members that are. Lots of people wearing black and white? Post about it. 'Essentials for Spring '11' to add to your SD wardrobe', for example, would be an example post. Also, you can post about fashion magazines and fashion lines in the stardoll industry.

Other: Any certain job position that isn't listed above, request here!

Job you are applying for:
Stardoll username:
First Name:
Previous Experience (Blogs you write/wrote for):
A sample of your writing: