Friday, January 21, 2011

HotBuys : Stardoll Rocks Top

Its me again,with another HotBuys article!
I would like to say,thank you to Nicole for giving me this job :)

This is the newest HotBuys release.
This top is actually really nice.
But,its also very versatile,which is alway good to have in your wardrobe.
I would usually think anything that says 'Stardoll Rocks' on Stardoll,I would hate,but the actual top shape is really nice,so it looks good.
And,its not too noticeable aswell.
Those few stripes of color can make a difference to it,just imagine this saying 'Stardoll Rocks' but with no stripes.
So in clothes this small element can make a big change!

Outfit one:

This outfit,I was going for a casual look.
(that will be my usual,casual,family-dinner outfit and night-out)
The reason why these outfits will feature a lot of black,is because its the perfect color to match this top,also in real-life,I imagine this to be really comfy but stylish!
Top - Fudge - HotBuys Stardoll Rocks - SS - 12SD
Bottoms - Bisou - Black stretch jeans - Non-SS - 5SD
Shoes - Evil Panda - Steel Cap Leather boots - SS - 5SD
Jacket - MISS SIXTY - Black Jeepney Jckt - SS - 22SD

Outfit Two :

This outfit,would be ideal for a night-out scenario.
This is another one of those outfits that people think 'ew' but sadly (again) it was the best I could do.
The top barely matches the black,but I think it looks okay.
Top - Fudge - HotBuys Stardoll Rocks - SS - 12SD
Trousers  - Bisou - DIY Slashed Jeans - SS - 8SD
Shoes - PPQ Of Mayfair - Tied Platforms - SS - 22SD
Bag - Unknown Shop- Fiorellie Aisha Clutch - Non-SS - 6SD
(for the bag just search 'Bags' and its on the tenth page)

Outfit Three

This was my attempty at the 'Family Dinner' look.
This could also count as a casual look,depending on your style.
Everything here,I have mentioned before,remember its good to buy things that complete a few outfits rather than just one
I simply adore those black heels from Voile!
Top - Fudge - HotBuys Stardoll Rocks - SS - 15SD
Bottoms - Bisou - Black Strech Jeans - Non-SS  - 5SD
Shoes - Voile -  Sequined Pumps - Non-SS - 5SD
Bag - Decades - Inspired By Chanel handbag - SS- 6SD

I hope you liked this post.
Tell my in comments if you decided to buy one of the outfits above and you may be featured in the next post!

Lisa xx :)

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