Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HotBuys : Bow Sweater

I am here,with a new HotBuys release!
Yes,I know I am quite . .okay VERY late with this,so I apologize.
To the right it a picture of this jumper.
I'm going to be honest,I won;t be buying it,I prefer clothes that somehow look . . .tight (?) on my MeDoll,but maybe after viewing the future outfits,I'll change my mind!
I am a HotBuys collector,but also not really.I only buy the pieces that I like,like most people.
The gold and black are a lovely contrast,and would go best with white and a dark pink?
But if you wanted dark pink,I would suggest a hairpiece or a clutch.

Top - Bisou - HotBuys Bow Sweater - SS 15SD
Trousers - Bisou - Non-SS - 5SD
Shoes - MoxieTeens - Black ankle booties - SS 8SD
Bag - Decades - Inspired By Chanel handbag - SS 6SD
I know some people will look at this and straight away think , 'Ew' and I completely understand!I was trying to create a casual look.But,nearly all of these outfits will have heeled boots or high-heels :)

Top - Bisou - HotBuys Bow Sweater - SS 15SD
Trousers - Bisou - DIY Slashed Jeans - SS 8SD
Shoes - PPQ Of Mayfair - SS 24SD
Bag - Rio - HotBuys Purse - SS 9SD
Jacket - PPQ Of Mayfair - Zegina Jacket - SS 30SD
I really like this outfit actually!
I was trying to create a look that someone might wear on a night-out.
Those PPQ shoes,have to be one of my favourites.That jacket is deadly aswell,since its black it goes with everything and I love the way it looks like wind is blowing on it!
I have to give myself a 10/10 for this one!

Top - Bisou - HotBuys Bow Sweater  - SS 15SD
Coat - OTTO - Blue Trench - SS 12SD
Shoes - Voile - Sequined pumps - Non-SS 5SD
Bag - Rio - HotBuys Purse - SS 9SD
Stockings - Bisou - Thigh-High Stockings - Non - SS 5SD
This is another outfit that you will hate,I know.
I dont have really anything to say about this outfit,unfortunately,its the best I could do.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Lisa xx :)

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  1. I love hte three looks you made with it! Great :)


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