Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mary (Lacestockings) Leaving Stardoll + Mary (WriteMaryCat) Returning to Stardoll

 A rising in fame stardoll member, also a great friend of mine, Mary (lacestockings) is leaving stardoll after 5 months of rising success. She will be missed. This is her goodbye message:
Beautiful. Despite never being superstar, she pulled off a gorgeous medoll with a beautiful wardrobe. She became iconic, even becoming covergirl of Lipstick Magazine and getting interviewed with Stardoll's Juciiest, among many other things. She will be greatly missed.
Mary, you have been amazing through the time that I have gotten to know you. I wish that someday you will come back to stardoll and reunite with all of your greatest friends. Know that many opportunities await you and friends will welcome you back.

But for right now, wherever you go and whatever you do in the world, we hope that you will be successful and that you will have a great life.

Your Friends From Stardoll

***On other terms, the other famous Mary of stardoll, writemarycat, is returning to stardoll, along with a possibility of Eternity Magazine with her. Who knows all the new things that will happen with her arrival?

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