Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween '10 Parties

In addition to Cyanide Magazine's release party which I unfortunately could not make it to and VivaaLaJuicy who is a good friend of mine's party that was too early so I also couldn't make it, I was able to make it to two in-stardoll parties, which I enjoyed a lot and got to know a few elites that I haven't gotten the chance to know that well before.

First was Vicki95 with an amazing party! The costumes were absolutely amazing and so over the top! Attendants were n1mka4eva, coolkid11, tapstar321 (me), twins18, SmoothieLove, Vicki95, --rihanna----, and Filipinhamaria. I really enjoyed this Halloween Bash, but the only people I knew from it previously were Molly (smoothielove), Janin (twins18), and Vicki (Vicki95), so I definitely made some new friends there!

Next was juciimami827 with another successful Halloween Celebration! The costumes were a little less grand and more casual, but the party was definitely just as fun! Attendants were my very close friend Tania (cherrycutegirl), my good friend Mandy (poohg_1993), my friend Keyera (princesskeyera), a new friend Effay (Brit-On-Me), and my friend Lily (matcurana) so this party got me a new friend but the rest I already knew.


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