Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Starplaza: New Sunny Bunny

Yes, it's true, there is a new floor for Sunny Bunny! This doesn't just mean fun new contacts and an animal hat. I'm talking rainbow tears, stars for ees, and colorful eyelashes.
If you are sophisticated but still want to sport sunny-bunny, try the colorful eyelashes or a sunny bunny clip. Remember to limit yourself to one piece.
If you want to go Sunny Bunny Crazy, don't be afraid! Playing around with the sunny bunny accessories (and a bit of dot & doree) I got myself this crazy, yet SO chic look:

And, good news to the non-superstars. Although the eyelashes cost $12 for a pair ($6 each) and are superstar exclusive, you can get $5 animal hats, cute $2 strawberry hairclips and a lot of fun charms, meaning not just identiTEE is good news for you, but this latest story of Sunny Bunny!
Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]