Monday, August 23, 2010

Starplaza: More identiTEE

Sorry that I haven't blogged in over a week! But yes there is a new identiTEE floor! Very excited about it.

I am in LOVE with the idea that stardoll is actually making more non-superstar stuff that is affordable. How long has it been since there were decent $2 tops out there? I mean I cant say this is my favorite floor but the first floor was definitely amazing. Stardoll, you are definitely realizing that if you want to keep some of your non-superstar members and superstar members too you have to make the website more appealing by making some things very affordable.

A while back people were starting to complain about high prices which was how the Basics store became real, and it's still a popular store that many nonsuperstars and superstars too, actually shop at. IdentiTEE is cuter and also even cheaper, so good job stardoll!

Speaking of identiTEE, want to see the $3 identiTEE Wild Child top worn in a cute outfit and matching makeup? It's a bit tricky to find a unique outfit to match. Go to the All About Stardoll blog:

Tapstar312 [AKA Nicki]