Friday, August 27, 2010

Beauty: Sport The New Dot Makeup

In celebration of the new dot makeup that just came out, I've created a runway-gothic look that will work on any medoll of any skin tone, eye color, and hairstyle.

The lipstick look:
-Use the new 'earth' lip pencil on the edges of the lips.
-Use the new 'Coconut Shell' lipstick on the mid lips.
The coconut shell shade is slightly lighter and warmer, making lips look bigger and more interesting because of the contrast with the slightly cooler darker earth lip pencil shade.

The blush:
-Just gently use some of the new caramel shade blush on cheeks for a look that looks more bronzer than blush. If you have dark skin, try using the 'Coconut Shell' blush for the same affect.

The eyes:
Use the following colored eyeshadows in a gradient style: white collection eyeshadow, shadow eyeshadow, trekking eyeshadow, feldspar eyeshadow.
To make eyes look bigger, use the following eye pencils: black eyeliner pencil, white eyeliner pencil.
Finally, use some of the new 'celestial' volumizing and lengthening mascaras on eyes. The blue hue of the mascara has a pretty constract with the green eyeshadow.

I hope you liked this makeup look! Tell me if you'll use it in my gb and I can feature you in this blog.

Tapstar321 [AKA Nicki]