Saturday, March 26, 2011



Hey guys! Long time no blog! Anyway, as most of you probably know by now, Stardoll Fashion Week is going on and I am going to give you my reviews of them after we look at the most recent collections!

Here is Pauline Armstrong:

I personally am in love with this collection! I am obsessed with the dark, vampirey kinda thing! I really love the mist too! It is professional and I would actually wear some of these! The hair complements the outfits and the makeup adds to the entire look even more. Do you like this collection?

Now, here is the next collection- WOE:

I like this collection but not as much as the last one. I particularly loved the intricate makeup/ eyeliner! The outfits were decent although some pieces didn't stand out to me much at all. Others were bright and original like the one above ^^ I really liked all the shoes as well! They were very similar to each other but I loved the different shades- red, periwinkle, nude, dull pink, tan, and black!

What do you think of the collections? 

Which is your favorite?


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