Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HotBuys Release : Rio Vest

Long time , no see right!?
London was amazing , but I'm back with a HB Poooost!
Its been awhile , and I know I said February was going to be the month I tried hard and I failed miserably , I was busy but not busy enough that I should forget about this so I'm sorry!
Before I talk about the vest , what do you think of the bag that came out a few days ago!?
Its amazing the real life version is by Paul's Boutique  and there were a few bags in London that looked like it , but not exactly so either it was coincdental or they were knock-offs.
So , here is the newest HoyBuys:
I really like this vest..
If I was going to describe it  , I would say "Brown , fringey wasitcoat" not a vest..
Usually the fact that its brown is nearly bad because it doesn't match a lot of stuff , but this is perfect for dresses!
Not so much skirts though.
I will do my best with the outfits I make..
I wish I was SS so I could buy the newest HB's the PB bag and this vest/waistcoat are STUNNING!

Top - Rio - HotBuys Vest - 12SD  - SS
Dress - Principals - Emilie Dress - 10SD - SS
Shoes - Stardoll - Basic Nude Pumps - 4SD - Non - SS
This is another outfit that not everyone like , some people won't like it all.
I think the pink and brown go together perfectly!
I used those shoes because they looked the best with the outfit.
This look  . . . . I'm not too sure..Perhaps it could be casual?
Its pretty casual to me , I wasn't thinking of what category it would fall into while I was making it! :P

Vest - Rio - HotBuys Vest - 12SD - SS
Top - Pretty And Pink - Love Tank - 8SD - SS
Bottoms - BASICS - White Denim Shorts - 4SD - Non-SS
Shoes - BASICS - Beige Ballet Flats - 2SD - Non-SS

This outfit is perfect for summer , pair it with white skinny jeans and make it more suitable for spring.
The simple white top and bottom make the shoes and vest stand out a bit more than an all-brown outfit.
I love the fringey bits.
This would even better in real life with brown suede ankle boots (with fringes of course!)

Vest - Rio - HotBuys Vest - 12SD - SS
Dress - BASICS - Turquoise Tube Dress - 5SD  - Non-SS
Shoes - Pretty And Pink - Sandal With Rose - 4SD - Non-SS

I decided in this outfit to let the vest take a back seat.
The dress stands out , but the vest completely makes the outfit!
Just imagine this outfit without the vest , it wouldn't look half as good.

Lisa xx :)

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