Friday, May 14, 2010

Become a Graphic Designer/Writer

Do you want to become a part of this blog? You can, easily!

Graphic Designer:
Show me what you've got. Create a stardoll banner with this blog name and 'Created by Tapstar321' on it. Comment with a link to the picture you have created. The person with the best banner will become this blog's official graphic designer, and will get recognition for everything they do. This competition ends June 5th, which is in a few weeks, so get started!

Gossip Writer:
Are you good at being the first person to find out juicy insider secrets of stardoll? This will be perfect for you, then. Heres how you apply: Find out three things about stardoll or three spoiler pictures of soon to be brands, features, etc. Include a link to the place where you are keeping this information and pictures in your comment, but specify its to become a Gossip Writer. This competition ends June 5th.

That's all I will be needing for now until I'll get more followers and viewers.

Remember to specify which category you will be entering for in your comment. I'll announce results June 5th on stardoll and on this blog.

Good luck!


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